Urine drug tests are the most popular method to detect marijuana usage. For heavy marijuana smokers, making use of the best synthetic urine kit the wise decision. Numerous companies are specializing in drug testing solutions. They offer solutions for passing a drug test as well as synthetic urine. However, some of these companies have proven to be more effective than others.

Which synthetic urine kit is the best for passing a urine test?

The marijuana legalization movement is gaining traction in the United States, with several states already decriminalizing recreational usage. Unfortunately, urine drug testing is still legal and a positive result can have serious repercussions.

Employers & law enforcement agencies use a urine drug test. Therefore, it becomes essential to learn how to pass a urine drug test without having to compromise on your lifestyle choices. Synthetic urine has been in existence almost as long as urine tests themselves. Laboratory groups continue to develop more sophisticated technology to detect non-human urine.

Passing a drug test using synthetic urine is still possible with the right product and knowledge.

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Can Synthetic Urine Still Help You Pass A Drug Test?

Yes, making use of best synthetic urine is still the best option for recreational marijuana users facing a drug test. Testing equipment used in labs are calibrated using synthetic urine. Hence, the technology is not accurate in exhibiting the difference between fake and real human urine. The composition of natural human urine varies from person to person, based on lifestyle and health factors.

The spectrum of human urine composition is incredibly vast. For that reason lab, testing equipment is calibrated using synthetic urine. There are situations in which synthetic urine is not effective in passing a drug test. These situations occur under the following circumstances:

  • If the temperature of synthetic urine is not similar to the real human urine while submission.
  • If the urine contains additives not naturally present in human urine.

We do not recommend using the bottled sub solution synthetic urine in the case of a supervision drug test. This is a risky situation, and you should consider other alternatives such as an incognito belt or XXXtreme. In the case of an unsupervised drug test, you can make use of synthetic urine without any fear. Use your best judgment to guide you through the situation.

Ideally, the test will be unsupervised and you can submit the sample without issue.

best synthetic urine

Low-Quality Synthetic Urine Will Get You in Trouble!

The synthetic urine has to be of the highest quality possible if you hope to pass the drug test in 2018. There are many low-quality synthetic urine kits available that contain additives not naturally present in urine or lack components of human urine.

Urine drug tests can now detect adulterants added to urine to mask the THC-COOH metabolite. They are also able to test for urea, uric acid, creatinine and other organic and inorganic compounds naturally present in human urine.

If the urine sample contains additives, you will fail your drug test and may lose your job. How to make synthetic urine? Here are a few conditions that urine sample should meet:

  • The temperature of the synthetic urine must be within the reasonable body temperature range, or slightly higher.
  • The urine sample must have a specific weight range in comparison to water.
  • The creatinine levels must be high enough (15 mg per kilo of the person’s body weight).
  • There should be urea, uric acid and other compounds within the sample.
  • Glutaraldehyde should not be present within the urine sample. This adulterant is usually present in cheap synthetic urine.

Synthetic urine which does not meet the criteria will be immediately detected, and you will be accused of attempting to unlawfully pass a urine test.


Best Synthetic Urine For A Drug Test?

One of the most trusted and reputable drug testing solution companies is Clear Choice. With 25 years of experience, the company produces a variety of products that have proven to be effective against modern technology. The highest quality product is the Sub Solution. It is also the most popular. It would be wise to say that it is the best synthetic urine 2018 available in the market.

With time, drug testing equipment has advanced and in response, Clear Choice has continued to revise the Sub Solution formula. The popularity of the product comes from being the only synthetic urine that imitates all the physical and chemical properties of human urine, down to the smell and color.

Instead of relying on heating pads that take half an hour to bring the solution up to temperature, you should choose Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Kit. It comes along with a heating pad, that will raise the temperature of your urine sample just within a few minutes. As a result, it eliminates any testing issues related to temperature.

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The Sub Solution is available online and shipped in discreet packaging in as little as one day.