This is a problem that all of us are afflicted with. Be it as part of a company’s employment process or during the course of your employment at a company, the time comes on all of us that we are going to face a drug test. We all need to learn how to pass a drug test on a short notice. If you’re looking to learn the best way to pass a drug test on short notice , here are a few things that you should know in order to improve your chances of getting in the clear.

There are several different kind of drug tests that you can be subjected to in order to determine whether or not you’ve been smoking marijuana. The problem is that even when you’re no longer high, the weed will stay in your system for a while. It stays in your system a lot longer than any other substance you might use. Marijuana users can test positive for the drug for up to a period of up to 30-90 days, depending on how much they smoke it.

Most of the people who smoke marijuana casually will find that they can be in the clear after about a month of abstinence but it isn’t something that can be said with a guarantee. The thing is, even though you no longer feel high after a while of smoking up, the THC from marijuana still stays in your system. Since the compound is fat soluble, it actually can get absorbed and stored in the fat cells in your body, making it detectable for up to a month even for people who don’t smoke up all the time

No reason to worry though. If you are facing a drug test on a short notice, we can tell you how to pass a drug test within a few hours.

Different Kinds of Drug Tests

When you are looking to learn how to pass a drug test you will first have to recognize what are the different kinds of drug tests you can be subjected to.

  • Urine Tests are the most common form of drug test It is the oldest method that has been used to test for drugs in the system and is one of the cheapest methods of getting very accurate drug test results. Urine tests can be divided into two categories. The first is the screening test and the second is a confirmation test.
  • Saliva Tests are a relatively new method of drug testing and it has started to become more and more popular for testing in the recent years. There are a couple of reasons for that: Saliva tests are very cheap, much like urine tests but they’re also considered to be a lot less invasive of personal space than urine test
  • Blood Tests are not the most popular form of drug test. They are highly invasive and they are quite expensive. While they’re not used very commonly, blood tests for drugs are the most accurate. This is not the kind of drug test which needs to be worried about in an office environment. It’s used by the police for extreme DUI cases involving marijuana because of the cost and nature of the test.
  • Hair Testing is one test that many people fear. It’s done by collecting a sample of about 150 hairs from the scalp and the 1.5 inches closest to the scalp being tested for presence of drugs. The 1.5 inches of the hair carry information about substance use over the past 90 days.

Preparing for the Drug Tests

When it comes to passing drug tests, the more time that you have before the test is due the better it is for your chances to pass the test. If you have any time at all between you and the test, you should use that time properly to abstain from smoking up anymore marijuana. Usually, when you are going to be facing a work place drug test, either from a prospective employer or where you’re currently employed, you should get a fair warning. That being said, there is always the chance that you’ll face a drug test which will not come without too much time for you to prepare passing for it through abstinence.

Best way to pass a drug test on short notice

Abstain and Wait

The most common form of drug tests are urine tests. They are also considered the easiest test to beat. The first approach to passing urine test is to stop smoking up immediately when you find out you’re due for a urine test and. Beyond that, you have to consume a diet with plenty of fibers and drink water like there’s no tomorrow. On the day of your test, make sure that you’ve gone to urinate at least twice before you go in to submit the sample.

When you’re submitting the sample, try to make sure that the initial stream of your urine goes into the toilet and then fill the sample jar. The metabolites are there in the initial part of the stream rather than towards the end. The problem is that you still need plenty of time between when you stop smoking up and the test to have good chances of passing it with this method.

Detox Drinks

When you have very less time left till you’ve to submit a sample for the urine test, you should go for a safer approach. Detox drinks are available in the market for you to use that come in very handy in emergency situations. Detox products have been around for a while that have been managing to help people in situation like yours pass drug tests on short notice. One of the best companies around for detox products is Clear Choice.

If you’re someone who doesn’t smoke up a lot, you can make use of the One Shot Concentrate by Clear Choice to pass the urine test. If you’re someone who smokes quite regularly, you’ll have to use the Rescue Cleanse by the same company. There are two sizes, the 17oz and the 32oz bottles. If you’re under 200lbs, you can use the 17oz bottle but you should go for the 32oz bottle if you’re over 200lbs. Just follow the instructions and you’ll be in the clear.

Synthetic Urine

If you’re a real heavy user, no amount of detox drinks can help you out in giving a clean sample for the urine test. The best bet for heavy users is synthetic urine. Clear Choice has a product that can help you out. The Sub Solution is the best synthetic urine out there in the market. Contents of the powder, once mixed in water, make for the color, smell and chemical composition that are exactly that of natural urine right down to the temperature of it. If you’re facing a supervised drug test, you can use a synthetic urine kit that will come with realistic prosthetics that can fool even the most vigilant supervisor.

Blood Test

The only chance of you passing blood tests is by causing delays in any manner possible to submit the sample. Workplace drug tests do not entail blood tests so this isn’t much to worry about.

Saliva Tests

Saliva drug tests can be beaten by using the Oral Clear Gum by Clear Choice. You have to pop one in and bite down on it. The liquid inside should be spread around the insides of the mouth so when the sample is collected, the THC in the saliva is masked and put you in the clear.

Hair Testing

Hair testing isn’t as simple to beat as saliva or urine tests. If hair testing is the preferred method by your employer for drug testing then you’ll have to resort to using specialized shampoos to pass them. The Hair Follicle Shampoo by Clear Choice is your best chance to beat hair testing. It works by going deep into your hair and cleaning out the THC from within the hair to make sure the samples collected are clear of any THC metabolites. Since hair testing can detect marijuana for up to 90 days before the test was conducted, you need to be very careful that you follow all the instructions and precautions and avoid contact with any weed after the test. You need to use clean towels and be careful not to use any other products before the hair testing is done.

Final Thoughts

The most probable test which you’ll be facing is the urine test. That’s the easiest form of drug test to pass and you can easily pass it even if you have a short time to prepare. Take all the precautions necessary to do so. Saliva tests are also not that difficult, you just have to be prepared and have the gum on hand. Hair testing is the one you have to be really careful with but it’s not unbeatable if you follow all the instructions for the respective products for the kind of drug tests you’ll be facing.