Sub Solution & The Practice Kit

Sub solution synthetic urine & The Practice kit

Thousands of Clear Choice customers each week ask the best way to heat their Synthetic Urine Kit. They wonder how to use the heat activator powder and if they should use the heat pad with or not!

Well, the brains at Clear Choice have solved another problem. Now available, The synthetic Urine Practice Kit designed especially for your Sub Solution synthetic urine Kit.

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The Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Kit includes:

  • 3oz Mixing container
  • Easy-to-read temperature strip
  • Upgraded formula – Powdered synthetic urine vial
  • Heat activator powder
  • Spout cap for realistic pouring
  • Easy to follow instructions brochure

The Practice Kit Includes:

  • 3oz Mixing container
  • Easy-to-read temperature strip
  • Clear Choice heat pad
  • Heat activator powder
  • Spout cap for realistic pouring
  • Easy to follow instructions on the box

*Read all information and instructions carefully before proceeding.*

  • Remove the screw cap from the plastic collection container
  • Fill the container with room temperature water up to the fill line.
  • Check the temperature of the temperature strip on the container.
  • If the temperature is not in the optimal range of 94-100’F use one of the two heating methods below


*The following heat sources can be used either on their own or combined in order to reach the optimal temperature*

Open the packaging and remove the paper backing from the sticky side. Gently apply the heat pad directly to the bottle on the opposite side to the temperature strip. Ensure to allow up to 1 hour for the heat pad to reach the optimal temperature.


If you do not see any temperature reading, carefully add 1/3 of the powder into the mixing container. If the temperature indicates 82′-92’F add 1/4 of the powder instead. Tighten the cap gently, shake and wait 15-20 seconds before taking a new temperature reading.

If necessary repeat the process by adding 1/4 of the heat activator powder.


*Please use responsibly – our products are not intended to be used on lawfully administered tests and are to be used in accordance with all federal and state laws.**